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Effective philanthropy is not about giving money away. Effective philanthropy is about taking the time to research, plan, and execute thoughtful donations that will have a lasting impact on those in need. There are three core approaches to effective philanthropy: donating time or resources, donating your voice, and donating money. These approaches can be used independently or together to make an even more significant impact on those in need.

1. Donating Time or Resources

Rather than donating money, you could donate your time or resources to a charitable cause. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen is a great way to give back. In addition, donating needed items such as food and clothes to those in need is another great way to help out. The key to this approach is that it requires more from you, but it can make a lasting impact on people in need while helping a more significant number of people who will sustain themselves thanks to the donated item(s).

2. Donating Your Voice

Donating your time or resources may not be feasible for everyone due to the amount of effort required. Another approach worth considering is promoting charitable causes online by using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. For example, suppose you are passionate about helping children in developing countries access clean drinking water. In that case, you can use Facebook and Twitter to share pictures of your trips with friends, family members, and others with connections that might be interested in supporting this cause.

3. Donating Money

The third approach is a no-brainer for those who have the resources available. Donating money is an essential part of effective philanthropy because it allows charities to purchase vital resources to help them achieve their mission statements, ultimately impacting those in need. Using sites like to research organizations before donating ensures your money is being spent efficiently on critical items rather than going toward administrative fees and other unnecessary things.


Donating time or resources, contributing your voice, and donating money are critical approaches to effective philanthropy. These three approaches can be used exclusively or together to make an even more significant impact on those in need. There you have it and the three core approaches to effective philanthropy.