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Charitable giving is the act of donating money or other assets to a person, organization, or institution. It’s an integral part of society that helps people less fortunate than others. Charitable giving can be done in many ways.

Monetary Donations

Probably the most popular way to give back, monetary donations can be given to various places, both large and small. This helps organizations and institutions purchase what they need to further their cause. For example, money can finance shelters, food banks, build schools or sponsor scholarships. A popular one for animal lovers is the ASPCA, which helps abused and homeless animals.

Property Donations 

This includes anything from clothing or furniture to medicine or even blood donations.

Direct Giving

Charitable giving can come in other forms, such as goods given directly to the organization for its cause rather than selling them off itself.

Clothing Donation

All over the United States, various charities take donated clothes and either clean them up for resale or have them recycled by other means, so nothing goes to waste.


Volunteering doesn’t always equate with donating money. Charitable organizations always look for people to help out in their day-to-day operations, whether handing out food at a soup kitchen or walking dogs at an animal shelter.

Donating Blood

One pint of blood can save up to three lives. There are multiple drives throughout each year, making it easy for anyone to donate.

Food Donation

Many people don’t realize this, but America throws away a lot of its food. That’s a lot of excellent food that could be going to those who need it! Food banks are always in need of donations, and most will even come to pick up the food from your house.

Supporting Local Charities

This one can be tricky because it requires some research, but local charities often have just as big of an impact (if not bigger) than national charities.


Giving back is essential for many reasons, not just because it feels good. It helps build up communities, provides much-needed assistance to those who need it, and brings people together. No matter your reason for giving back, know that you’re making a difference in the world.